Names are arranged alphabetically by last name. This collection of names of people who have experienced family estrangement include both famous people and some who have had just a brush with fame or infamy due to something that they did or something that someone in their family did.

Famous, Infamous and Ordinary People who have experienced Estrangement.

Actress on Friends, TV program. Was estranged from her mother, Nancy Aniston, after Nancy gave an interview to Hard Copy.

On Nancy Aniston's book: "From Mother and Daughter to Friends by Nancy Aniston”

2016 Article on the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and her mother. “Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston’s Mother, Dies: A Look Back at Their Relationship”

2016 Daily Mail Article "Jennifer Aniston attends funeral service for estranged mother Nancy Dow with husband Justin Theroux by her side."

May 2017 Radar Online article about Jennifer Aniston's mother's will. "Did Jennifer Aniston’s Mother Get Revenge From Beyond The Grave?”
Radar gives the instructions in the will a negative spin. A more charitable conclusion might be that was likely that Jennifer's mother didn't expect that Jennifer would be needing the money and that the granddaughter would be more likely to benefit from it.

Successful wealthy politically ambitious woman who was charged with plotting to have her husband and an attorney who had testified against her in a court case killed. She was estranged from her father, a younger brother, and a once close college roommate.
Washington Post article Sunday, February 15, 1998: "The Mystery of Ruthann Aron" By Karl Vick, Washington Post Staff Writer

Comedienne, actress, writer, was estranged from her parents whom she accused of abusing her as a child. She has been mentioned in several articles about repressed memories and the controversy surrounding memories of abuse that come up during therapy. In the biography on it is reported that she ended the estrangement from her parents and siblings in 2004 and returned to using the name of Roseanne Barr.

Article: "The Reality of Repressed Memories" by Elizabeth F. Loftus in American Psychologist 1993, 48, 518-537, Copyright 1993, American Psychological Association.

"Biography for Roseanne” on

"God and Man in Beverly Hills" (Unfortunately the online article is now gone.) by Evgenia Peretz on Interesting article on the Kabbalah movement and its possible influence on the lives and decisions of several celebrities including Roseanne.

Actress, was estranged from her mother, Jaid Barrymore, for 10 years, an estrangement that ended around the time that Drew was in the movie Riding in Cars with Boys.
She had also been estranged at times from her father, John Drew Barrymore, son of acting legend John Barrymore. Drew's father died on Nov. 29, 2004.

"John Drew Barrymore obituary “ His Dec. 1, 2004 obituary (which includes some interesting statements by Drew about her father) in The Washington Post. Dec. 11, 2001 article: "The purse of the Barrymores"

Her feelings about her mother are mentioned in an online article that was very hard on mothers. The link to that article has died and been removed.

HALLE BERRY: Estranged from her father.

His brother, Steven Brown, filed a civil suit in 1999 for the wrongful death of his parents against Harvey Brown. Their parents were murdered in 1997. Harvey Brown had been estranged from his father and was suspected of being involved in their deaths. The police had not had sufficient evidence to bring charges. The brothers are estranged from each other.

July 17, 2000 NY Magazine article about the Brown murder case, “Sons and Killers"

Dec. 18, 1999 NY Times article Man Calls Brother a Killer and Sues in Parents’ Deaths by Michael Cooper

Estranged from his sister, Juanita Castro, and daughter, Alina Fernandez. 

Estranged from her brother, Fidel Castro, since 1963.
On CNN, August 3, 2006: Sister says, “Castro getting better."

Nov. 29, 2016 article by Ian Margol: “Juanita Castro says she last saw brother in 1963.”

Author, estranged from his daughter Susannah Ansley Conroy and from a sister. He died in 2016.

From Nov. 6, 2010 on NPR : "Conroy's 'Reading Life": A Search for Safe Harbors article about his memoir.

"As a child, Conroy read literature to escape his family; today, he writes literature to understand and reconnect with them. His memoir My Reading Life is dedicated to his "lost" daughter, Susannah Ansley Conroy. It reads:
'Know this: I love you with my heart and always will. Your return to my life would be one of the happiest moments I could imagine.'

Conroy divorced Susannah's mother in 1995, when Susannah was barely a teenager. He has hardly seen her since.
'She has a perfect right not to see me," Conroy says. "She's 28 now. But I thought this [dedication] was going to be a last cry of the heart. I would at least try to get her attention and see if I could get her to come back. It has been one of the most soul-killing things to ever happen to me.' "

Pat Conroy Obituary by Michael Carlson, March 7, 2016 in The Guardian

"Dad Abused Me" Yahoo News, April 5, 2006 (Link removed as it is no longer active.)

Father of Macauley Culkin. Estranged from his children.
Bio on imdb

Hockey player, estranged from his family & charged with plotting to hire a hit man.

An article by Kevin Allen of USA Today tells Danton's tale of woe.
"Family Blames Agent for Estrangement" by Kevin Allen, USA Today, April 22, 2004

Hockey player Mike Danton charged with plotting to hire a hit man to kill an acquaintance who is alleged to be Danton's agent.

Estranged brothers who founded separate sportsware companies: Puma and Adidas.

May 20, 2006 article from Mirror.Co.UK: “Dribbline Rivalry: Exclusive How Brothers Bitter Feud Launched World Cup’s Rival Boot Giants” by Nick Webster.

Estranged from her daughter, B.D. Hyman. Responded to B.D.'s writings in her book "This 'N That" in 1987.

On Wikipedia: "Bette Davis"

Estranged from two sons, Gregory Davis and Miles Davis, Jr.

Book: "Dark Magus: The Jekyll & Hyde Life Of Miles Davis" by Gregory Davis.

Estranged from her parents after publication of her novel: "A House of Secrets". Reconciled in 1993.

109th Mayor of New York City. He was estranged from his father who was an alcoholic. His name at birth was Warren Wilhelm, Jr. In 1983 he changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. In 2002 he changed his name to Bill de Blasio.

Article on Wikipedia on Bill de Blasio.

Politician, House Majority Leader 2003-2005

Estranged from his mother, two brothers, and sister. The link that was here was to a copy of an

Article: "Absolute Truth" by Peter Perl, May 13, 2001

Estranged for a time from his son, Guillaume.
"At the moment, we have no ties. I cut things off because I no longer want to be the wall, or the trash bin where one dumps anything one wants," the 54-year-old Depardieu said, calling his son "very difficult, incorrigible."

“Sept. 22, 2003 BBC Depardieu article: Son hits out at actor."

Gerard and his son reconciled but in 2008 his son died of pneumonia. The following link is to an article in The Independent.

Oct. 14, 2008 article "Gérard Depardieu's son dies of pneumonia at 37"

Joe Dimaggio and his son, Joe Dimaggio, Jr. were said to be estranged for many years as the time of Joe Sr.'s death.
Richard Ben Cramer chats about his book, ""The Hero's Life" by Richard Ben Cramer on CNN October 25, 2000”.

From the Cramer interview:
Richard Ben Cramer:
"Joe was estranged from almost all his family. He didin't speak for years with his older brother Vince (also an outfielder, in the National League), and he similarly froze out Dominic, his youngest brother, who played center field for the Red Sox. Joe was also estranged from his only child, Joe DiMaggio, Jr., who in fact drifted, homeless and addicted, into a wanderer's life. While the old man was making a quarter-million dollars per weekend, signing baseballs, Junior was living in a dumpster in California."

"Two articles about Joe DiMaggio Jr.”
Both articles are on a Yale Class of 1964 In Memorium page. Joe Jr. had been a freshman in that class but dropped out after his freshman year. The first article is about Joe Jr.'s death in 1999. The second is a PBS article about the relationship between him and his father.

Estranged from his mother and other relatives. article, July 25, 2000: "Eminem's Dirty Secrets”

Eminem’smom Debbie Mathers June 11, 2014 article about the estrangement: "Life is short ... Mama wants to give you a hug’”

2020 article on Lessons Learned about their relationship: "Eminem's Words, "What Hurts Me Most Is You Won’t Admit You Was Wrong," Show Pain Of Being Selfish Mom's Unloved Son”

He was known in the San Diego area for his activism against the use of lethal force by police during arrests.
Ethridge was estranged from his father for years, an estrangement that was resolved with the assistance of a TV talk show host, Larry Elder, who brought them together again in September 2004.

After appearing on The Larry Elder show, Ethridge and his two sisters went to their father's home. After speaking with his father for hours Ethridge died that same night in his sleep at his father's home. The story, “TV talk show got father, son together”, was told by San Diego Union-Tribune Staff Reporter David E. Graham.

Elder said, ""This show really struck a chord with me because I had a similar experience with my own father.He and I literally did not speak for almost 10 years. We reconciled years ago, and now we're the best of friends.”

The link to Graham's article on the newspaper site no longer goes to the article. I did find a link to Sydney’s obit to include here.

"Sydney Ethridge obituary"

Estranged from adopted daughter Soon-Yi.

On The Independent: June 2, 2006, "My Faith Helps Me Through Hard Times" (Link stopped working so removed.)

Of "Deep Throat" fame. Estranged from and later reconciled with his daughter.

Online USA Today article: "USA Today article: Deep Inside Deep Throat" Deep Inside Deep Throat

Estranged from her father, Fidel Castro.

Article on Wolfman Productions: "Alina Fernandez, estranged from her father, Fidel Castro."

Alina Fernandez's book on Amazon: "Castro's Daughter: An Exile's Memoir of Cuba by Alina Fernandez Revuelta”

Baseball player, estranged from his father, Cecil Fielder, baseball player.

Prince Fielder on Wikipedia

Actress. Estranged from her father, Lucius Fisher Foster III and brother, "Buddy" Foster.

Jodie Foster's estrangement from her brother was mentioned in the article on her on Wikipedia years ago but now the mention is no longer there. It is unknown if they have reconciled.

Article: "Jodie Foster’s estranged father was penniless when he died in a one-bedroom apartment a few miles from his daughter’s $15million LA mansion"

On Amazon: the book written by Jodie Foster's brother, Buddy Foster. Foster Child: A Biography of Jodie Foster, a book written by Buddy Foster. Published in 1997.

American born in 1978 with family in California. Estranged from his family and involved with Islamists who are virulently anti-American. He appeared in anti-American videos that are broadcast around the world by the media.

CNN article on Adam Gadahn's death in 2015. "Adam Gadahn, American mouthpiece for al Qaeda, killed." Story by Greg Botelho and Ralph Ellis, CNN

Fast Facts on Adam Gadahn on CNN Adam Gadahn Fast Facts on CNN

Adam Yahiye Gadahn on Wikipedia

In 1993 he became famous for being the first Amishman in history convicted of homicide. He killed his wife. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. In April 2007 he allegedly kidnapped his estranged teenaged daughter who had been living with her grandparents for the past 14 years.

Article: The Edward Gingerich Case March 19, 2016: Murder in Amish Country: The Edward Gingerich Case

Former Mayor of NYC, attorney, very active in political affairs and constantly in the news, was estranged for a time from his son and daughter beginning in 2007. They appeared to be reconciled by 2014.

On Wikipedia

Giuliani Estranged from His 2 Children. March 5, 2007. CBS news article.
From the article (link no longer good): "Giuliani's 21-year-old son, Andrew, told The New York Times that he would be too busy working on his golf game to participate in his father's presidential campaign."

"Giuliani's Blended Family" by Randal C. Archibald"

NY Times article, March 5, 2007: "Giuliani's Blended Family" by Randal D. Archibald on the The Caucus, Political Blogging from the NY Times, March 5, 2007. The response comments are interesting too.

Estranged brothers:

Article: "Brother on brother by Murray Waas” 1998

Whitewater witness David Hale attempted to suborn perjury by his own brother by asking him to falsely corroborate illegal acts by President Clinton." Also quoting from the article: "Six people close to the Hale brothers confirmed that they had become estranged from each other in 1993, when David allegedly pressured Milas to lie. Three of those people said that the estrangement was directly related to Milas' refusal to do anything improper to assist David in his effort to avoid accountability for his Whitewater crimes."

2nd Salon article on the Hale brothers: "The mark of Cain: a tale of two brothers" by Murray Waas.

She was estranged from her family from 1999 to 2007 but has reconciled.

Henin shares victory with family, June 10. 2007 article by the NY Times News Service, Paris, on the Taipei Times.

June 20, 2006 article on The Guardian: "Wimbledon the missing peace in a tumultous life story"

Better known as Doc Holliday. Estranged from his father.
Found the Doc Holliday estrangement reference online in the description of his biography.

Biography: "Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait" by Karen Holliday Tanner.

Estranged from his daughter, Abigail Hopkins, singer, songwriter, and actress.

"I hardly ever hear from her," he said. "She probably has good reasons. I guess we are estranged. I hope she is well. She is too busy and has to do her own thing. I think she is in England somewhere. Life is life. You get on with it."
From online article/interview (April 14, 2006)with Abigail Hopkins: Her Dark Materials by Olga Craig on (Link no longer working so link has been removed.)

Estranged from and now reconciled with her father, actor Jon Voight.

September 15, 2020:
On Gossipcop: Article

February 22, 2010, On Daily Mail:
Article: “Angelina Jolie mends long rift with father Jon Voight"

The brothers are estranged. The relationship between Ted, also known as the Unabomber, and his family had already been strained and distant prior to the discovery that Ted was the Unabomber. After David turned his brother in, Ted became even more estranged from his brother and his mother.

"Article on Ted Kaczynski"

More . . .

Estranged from her father for many years but reconciled with him in 2012.

On Popcrush, November 19, 2012.

On thegrio May 20, 2020: …. shares letter sent to father when she was 13 ….

On AmoMama, March 5, 2020: On reconcling with father.

Norma Khouri, author of Forbidden Love, a book that was supposed to be the true story of the murder of her friend, Dalia, the victim in an "honor killing" in Jordan.

Norma claimed that she had grown up in Jordan and Dalia had been her longtime childhood friend and business partner. In the summer of 2004 the book was exposed as a hoax after a newspaper did an investigation of the facts in the book.

Norma Khouri turned out to be an American citizen who grew up in Chicago where she was at the time of the incidents detailed in the book. She is estranged from her mother, Asma Bagain, who hasn't seen her since 2000 when Norma and her husband, John Toliopolous disappeared.

The book, Forbidden Love, was particularly popular in Australia where Khouri had been given refuge when she was thought to be in need of protection due to her knowledge of the alleged murder. There has been no evidence that Dalia or Dalia's family ever existed.

NY Times August 4, 2004: NY Times article: "Norma Khouri & other literary hoaxes in Australia”

Novelist and Essayist.
Estranged from her mother.
Article on Sparknotes: “A Small Place”
Analysis of article, “The Estrangement by Jamaica Kincaid that appeared in the AARP magazine in 2008.

Esther Lederer who was better known as Ann Landers was estranged for decades from her twin sister Pauline Phillips of Dear Abby fame.

The estrangement was said to be resolved prior to the death of Esther (Eppie) Lederer in 2002. But all did not appear to be well between their daughters, Margo Howard and Jeanne Phillips at that time as reported in the July 27, 2002 CBS News article linked here.

More on Eppie in the February 2003 issue of Chicago "Dear Ann" by Carol Felsenthal”

June 22, 2002 AP article on the death of Ann Landers

The celebrated comedian, actor, and telethon fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy, has written a book “Dean and Me: (A Love Story)”, on his relationship and estrangement with straight man, actor, and singer Dean Martin.

Estranged from her father. There were times that they were reported to be reconciled but recent reports (2021) indicate that they remain estranged.

On NY Feb. 18, 2005 article "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Showbiz Father Scorned, Michael Lohan’s lament By Greg Williams”

Estranged from her father, Hank Harrison, mother, Linda Carrol, and, for a time, also from her daughter, Frances.

Estranged from her daughter Courtney Love, Linda Carroll went on a journey to find her own mother and wrote a book “Her Mother’s Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love"

August 2010: "On Courtney sends birthday message to daughter."

Oct. 2016 Daily Mail Article: "Supportive Courtney Love continues to hold daughter Frances Bean Cobain's hand at PFW... after the 24-year-old was ordered to pay spousal support in messy divorce”

Feb. 5, 2019 on intouchweekly: Article "Frances Bean Cobain Admits She Was ‘Bitter and Angry’ With Courtney Love Amid Addiction Struggles”

June 25, 2020 article on AmoMama: "Courtney Love Lost Custody of Her Only Daughter with Kurt Cobain Twice — Inside the Battles” by Manuela Cardiga

Estranged by her family, Jenna advertised in the newspaper for a new family and found one! She set up a website for people who want to find new families. That website no longer exists.

March 7, 2007 ABC News article "Daughter Adopts New Parents"

Online Dec. 31, 2006 article in Glamour Magazine: "Single White Female Seeks New Parents"

Actress and Musician. "Jena Malone Emancipated Herself at Age 15 — Look Back at Her Relationship with Her Mom”, article on AmoMama, Sept. 2020.

The brothers Salvatore and James Dell'Orto each owned a restaurant bearing the name Manganaro on Ninth Ave. in New York City. The restaurants were next to each other. In online accounts of their estrangement and court battles it is reported that they had not spoken to each other in over 25 years.

The dispute was apparently over the use of the family name Manganaro and the name "Hero Boy" for advertising purposes. After learning of the estranged brothers several years ago, prior to 2011, I was in NYC and discovered the restaurants. I had lunch in Manganaro's Gourmet Foods and hoped to try Manganaro's Hero Boy in the future. Lunch was great! I spoke to the owner to let him know that I enjoyed his restaurant but didn't tell him what brought me to his restaurant.

Manganaro's Gourmet Foods closed in 2012. This link is to a 2011 Wall St. Jounal article about the closing and the family estrangement. Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall. If you have a WSJ subscription, you can read the full article. Manganaro’s HeroBoy closed in early 2021.

When I ate in Manganaro Gourmet Foods at 488 9th Ave., I took a photo of the statement of nonaffiliation on their menu. The statement was also posted on a sign outside by the sidewalk and on signs in several places in the restaurant.

From Jester's Courtroom: "Oh Brother!”, source NY Times, Sept. 27, 2002:
"A 15-year court battle between brothers Salvatore and James Dell’Orto may be nearing an out-of-court settlement. The brothers had inherited the grocery store, Manganaro Foods, from their uncle, but in 1962 split the business into rival sandwich and grocery shops located next door to each other. At issue has been which brother had the right to the take-out telephone orders for Manganaro’s famous "Hero-Boy" party sandwiches. In 1989, Justice Harold Baer, Jr. ruled that while both could use the Manganaro name, James had the rights to the "Hero-Boy" and take-out telephone orders for the sandwich. Six years later, brother Salvatore was ordered to pay $422,240 in damages for operating a new, heavily advertised take-out phone line in violation of Justice Baer’s 1989 decision. James has still not received the money, but has offered to give it up if Salvatore closes his shop next door, ceases to use the business name and transfers the sandwich order telephone number to him. The family is hopeful that a settlement will be reached in the next few weeks and the multigenerational family feud can end.”

Football all-star. Estranged from parents, adopted by aunt and uncle. Then estranged from them but reconciled years later.

June 2, 2010 Article on "Football's Tommy Martin Completes long trek”

Rona Maynard and Joyce Maynard, sisters and writers who had stopped speaking for several years. Their estrangement ended and their relationship blossomed.

Rona Maynard: “A Tale of Two Sisters"

Joyce Maynard's website

Boxers Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Sr., son and and father, were reported to have reconciled after an estrangement of several years. Floyd, Sr. was training Floyd, Jr. but then Jr. replaced Sr. as trainer with Sr.'s estranged brother, Roger. So it's unclear whether the reconciliation has held or not.

Article, May 5, 2007, on "Only Floyd Mayweather, Sr. loses on May 5, 2007" by Ralph Rimpell

April 21, 2015 Article on "Inside the Mayweather father-son relationship”

James McAvoy, actor, estranged from his father whose name is also James McAvoy.

Sept. 1, 2007 Article on "James McAvoy's father begs for atonement”

March 1, 2008 Article on "The family feud that haunts Atonement star James McAvoy”

Husband and wife, both said to be estranged from their parents. Stefan has also estranged his brother. Stefan has a website, FreeDomainRadio, on which he makes available discussion forums on a variety of topics, podcasts, and books.

Much of what Molyneux offers online is free but he also sells subscriptions at various prices and accepts donations. His output is prodigious with hundreds of YouTube videos (user name stefbot), over 1,000 podcasts, seven books, frequent participation in his discussion forums.

He has been blamed for a number of family estrangements initiated by followers of his writings and podcasts. In late 2008 Molyneux received a lot of publicity in the media in England over the story of a young man named Tom who estranged himself from his family after participating in discussions on

A 2008 Article: A continuing analysis of the FreeDomainRadio Community.

FreeDomainRadio - Stefan Molyneux's website.

Daily Mail Dec. 12, 2008 Article - "A fearful mother reveals: the internet cult that stole my son" by Kate Hilpern

Heidi Montag, reality TV star, estranged for 2 years from her mother.

Daily Mail Article June 14, 2012: "Genuine love or fame hungry? Heidi Montag reunites with estranged mother"

Demi Moore. Estranged from her mother but reconciled prior to her mother's death. Also was estranged and subsequently reconciled with her daughters, Rumor, Scout and Tallulah Willis.

Sept. 23, 2019 Article on about the memoir that Demi Moore wrote in which she talks about the turmoil in her life.

May 12, 2020 Article on "The Truth About Demi Moore's Relationship With Daughter Tallulah Willis”

In 1991 she became estranged from her daughter: Article

Haven’t been able to learn if they ever reconciled.

Prominent atheist. Estranged from son William, an evangelist.

Will was estranged also from his brother, John Garth, and his daughter, Robin. The disappearance in the summer of 1995 of Madalyn Murray, her son, John Garth Murray, and her granddaughter, Robin Murray O'Hair, became the subject of much speculation about their fate. Their bodies were found in 2001. All had been murdered.

Article on Crime Magazine, Oct. 14, 2009: "The Murder of Madalyn Murray O'Hair" by Lona Manning

On Wikipedia: Madalyn Murray O'Hair

Bio on Madalyn Murray O'Hair

Ryan O'Neal estranged from daughter, Tatum O'Neal for 25 years. They reconciled and appeared together in a reality show called The O'Neals that ran on the Oprah Winfrey network in the winter of 2011. This was quite a fascinating reality show that did not appear to result in a lasting reconciliation. Their estrangement seems to be continuing.

Article about the Tatum's reality show, The O'Neals. Dec. 31, 2010: Ryan O'Neal and daughter Tatum's beach walk as they rebuild relationship in new reality show.

Tatum O’Neal’s book: "Found: A Daughter's Journey Home", by Tatum O’Neal. The book came out at the end of the reality show. I suspect that she may have seen the show as an excellent opportunity to get publicity for her book.

Estranged from her brother, David. Estranged from her father, Don Arden, for twenty years after she took over the career of Ozzie Osbourne. Reconciled with her father in 2002. He died in July 2007.

Article on "The Truth About Sharon Osbourne's Estranged Brother"

July 24, 2007 Daily Mail Article on Sharon Osbourne's father: "Why Sharon Osbourne's dad was the most feared man in music."

Jan. 14, 2006 Post on Ontario Empoblog: "Estranged"

Rebecca has estranged herself from her mother, Linda, after learning as an adult that Tookie Williams was the man who murdered her father when she was 8 years old. She had thought that her father's murderer had been put to death years ago. She hadn't known his identity until 2001. Linda acknowledges that it was a mistake not to tell her daughters the truth about their father's murder from the beginning.

Phelps’ page on Wikipedia

A repellent individual who estranged himself from his father and sister due to his religious objections to his father marrying a divorcee. In later life Phelps was estranged by several of his thirteen children. Phelps, a preacher, went to military funerals and other gatherings where he carried signs that denigrated homosexuals. He hated Finns and Swedes among many others. He died in 2014.

Pauline Phillips, famous advice columnist and twin sister of Esther Lederer (Ann Landers) who also wrote an advice column. See the entry above for Esther Lederer for information and links.

Eric was estranged for years from his sister, actress Julia Roberts, and his daughter, actress Emma Roberts, and his mother. He reported reconciling with his sister in 2004. I have no information on whether he reconciled with his mother or daughter.

Eric Roberts’ page on Wikipedia

Julia Roberts’ page on Wikipedia

Meg Ryan was estranged from her mother, Susan Ryan Jordan, who wrote a book “The Immune Spirit: A Story of Love, Loss and Healing”. The book is about the estrangement but also about her recovery from breast cancer.

Laura Schlesinger, radio talk show host, estranged from her mother, Yolanda Schlesinger, who was found dead in her own home in late 2002. She had been dead for some time before she was found.

Dec. 19, 2002 article on The Smoking Gun Archive: "Police Probe Death Of Dr. Laura's Mom”

Article on Los Angeles Times on death of Yolanda Schlesinger

General Daniel E. SicklesGeneral Daniel E. Sickles, a Civil War Veteran who had been at Gettysburg.

A New York Times article of May 4, 1914 referred to a 29 year estrangement with his son, Stanton, that was resolved in 1914 at the time of his death. The original link to the full text of that article is now lost. I believe that the article may live on in the NY Times archives but is hard to read in the format provided.

There is a book about General Sickles: "American Scoundrel: The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles" by Thomas Keneally.

Estranged from both of her parents, a sister, an aunt and uncle. Mentions of the estrangements were found in this Nov. 2005 article on

Muriel Sparks, author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, died at 88 in April 2006. She was estranged from her sculptor/painter son, Robin.

NY Times Obituary for Muriel Sparks.

Was estranged from her mother, Lynne Spears reported in June 2007. A reconciliation was reported later in the same year. In 2021 an estrangement with her father is occurring over his determination to continue his conservatorship.

"Official Website of Britney Spears" Britney Spears Official Website,,20151052,00.html

Oct. 2007 article on "Britney Spears reunites with her mom Lynne”

Dec. 2020 Article "Britney Spears Dad Jamie Attacks Her Mother Lynne Over Conservatorship”

Was estranged from adopted son, Louis Spector.

Tori Spelling, estranged from father, Aaron Spelling, now deceased. Also for a time from her mother, Candy, and also from ex-husband, Charlie Shanian. Was reported to be reconciling with her mother, Candy, in the spring of 2007 but things didn't work out and they were reported to be estranged in 2009. But late in 2009 they were reported to be reconciled again and, so far, they seem to be remaining reconciled.

Article on TMZ: July 26, 2006: "On TMZ: July 26 '06: Tori to Mom - You Cheaped Out My Wedding”

Article on "Tori Spelling Says Her Relationship with Mom Candy 'Is Really Good' After Years of Estrangement

Psychic counselor who had been estranged for a time from several members of her family.

Article on a family reunion written by Jelaila Starr, Dec. 11, 1999: "The Keys to a Happy Family Gathering”

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, estranged from her daughter, writer and feminist Rebecca Walker. She was also estranged from her father.

On 2013: "Taking Care of the Truth: Embedded Slander: A Meditation on the Complicity of Wikipedia” on attempting to correct the misinformation about her on Wikipedia, particularly misinformation about the estrangement of her by her daughter.

“Despair is the ground bounced back from”, Dec. 24, 2011, Poem by Alice Walker