Drawing of a heart missing a piece.

Purpose of Estrangements.com

A collection of information on Family Estrangement

The purpose of Estrangements.com is to collect and provide information on estrangement in one place for those who are trying to understand and cope with estrangement.

I have had a number of estrangements in my life, one of which was painful enough to inspire me to do something so that some good might come out of all that pain. I created this site so that others who were in pain due to family estrangement would find a central place of information online on the subject. What you find here might be a springboard to visit to a number of  sites that may be helpful.

I wrote an online journal or blog on my own experience of being estranged and on estrangement in general. There is a page with a list of names of people, principally wellknown people, who are estranged and links to internet sites with more information about those people. There are links to sites with information on psychological and spiritual conditions that can result in estrangement, links to support and discussion groups and lists of books and movies about estrangement. There is a page of poems, some of which were contributed by readers and friends. 

As for my journal or blog, my experience is the only story on which I can speak with authority. My own experience. Which doesn't mean that I am right about disagreements that I describe or that my memory is perfect or that I want anyone to hate or like anyone whom I write about. This is the experience that is mine and I talk about it as honestly as I possibly can.

If you return to Estrangements.com, you will see that it changes over time. This website is an ongoing project that, like the weather and relationships, changes.

Whatever happens with all of our estrangements in the long run, I hope that it is for the best. Please take what you like and leave the rest.