Support (aka the Linkspage)

Drawing of a person in a train station.

All of the information acessible from the three link menu on this page had been on this one page for many years until January 2018 when I redesigned the site. This page had become ridiculously lengthy. In redesigning the site, I broke the information that had been on this page into three separate pages linked from this page. This page was called the Linkspage because there had been so many links.

The three new pages linked from this page have information broken down into the following topics: Support Groups (online and offline) & Blogs on Estrangement, Mental Health Issues involved in Estrangements, and the Estranged, a list of famous, infamous and ordinary people who have experienced estrangement. The Linkspage name was kept so that old links would not go to dead end 404 pages but it shows in the navigation menu with the name “Support”.

The articles on Estrangement that had been here were removed from the website and moved to a category called “Articles” in the Word Cloud on the Blog  2005 to present. That journal is a repository for more links and information on estrangement that I have posted from 2005 to now.

The site and links were updated in January 2018.