Support Groups and Blogs on Family Estrangement

Listed below are online and offline support groups for people dealing with family estrangement and a list of blogs written on the subject  by writers and representatives of organizations. If you are viewing this on a cell phone, you probably will need to continue to scroll down to see the information about blogs.

Support Groups

Online Support Groups

Note: Be aware that there is a chance that someone whom you didn't intend to see your posts may find them, even years after you wrote them. It is advisable to take precautions to protect your identity. You might not think so now but you may regret your lack of caution in the future. It doesn't hurt to post anonymously under an alias.

You're Not Alone: Support Group for Estranged Parents of Adult Children

You're Not Alone Support Group Contact Info

For all who have suffered the loss of a child to the pain of estrangement. Closed group on Facebook. (Anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member.)

Parents of Estranged Adult Children: Help and Healing

The linked website,, was created in 2013 by Sheri McGregor. Its purpose is to provide support and information for estranged parents. There is a discussion group. Sheri McGregor has written a book on estrangement, Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children which was published in May of 2016 by Sewing Creek Press.

Dr. Joshua Coleman's Discussion Forums:

"When Parents Hurt". This forum for parents estranged by their adult children began in December 2006 in connection with Dr. Coleman's book When Parents Hurt: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don't Get Along.

Estranged from My Parents. This forum is for adult children who are estranged from their parents.

Estranged Stories: An online support group on Ning for those who are experiencing family estrangement. Membership in this group is approaching 6,000 as of Dec. 17, 2017. It is principally for parents are experiencing estrangements from their adult children.
Also there is a book of the same name connected to the group.

From the online listings of the book on Amazon and on Blurb:
"In Estranged Stories, Elizabeth Boykin Vagnoni and Mary Cay Reed have woven together a compassionate description of the succession of emotions many parents experience when they become estranged from their adult children. Using a variety of stories from, parents talk about the common thoughts and feelings they experience when faced with estrangement. They talk about suggestions for confronting feelings, how to respond to others, finding hope, and coping with the inability to have a relationship with Grandchildren. While these stories come from a few, they represent the feelings of more than 5,000 who have joined estrangedstories and responses from over 3,000 who have completed our survey. Sometimes just understanding that you are not alone and many others share the same "stories", is helpful when trying to understand this emotionally crippling situation."

On Amazon: Estranged Stories Understanding. Support. Peace. Hope” by Elizabeth Vagnoni, Mary Cay Reed. Blurb 2017. ISBN-10: 0615937683, ISBN-13: 978-0615937687. This is the print version which currently is priced at $44.74 on Amazon.
There is also an ebook version available from Blurb. The ebook version is priced currently (as of Dec. 17, 2017) at $15.99.

Parents Who Walk Away: Updated link for the online support group, PWWA, which was formerly hosted on the Daily Strength website. From the main page of the group from when it was on Daily Strength: "A group for parents of estranged adult children who are tired of waiting for them to grow up/get real. Comprised of strong, wise survivors, this group is made up of parent who either have walked away or are considering walking away from the disrespectful actions of their abusive adult children. Straight talk, tough stances and the free exchange of ideas/opinions can be found here. Everyone is Welcome!"

Christian Parents of Estranged Adult Children: Updated link for this online support group (formerly hosted on the Daily Strength site) that discusses estrangement from a Christian perspective. From the main page of the group when it was hosted on the Daily Strength site: "Estrangement makes it difficult to talk about with family, friends, neighbors and church members. Christians are NOT immune to broken families. Talk about your experiences with those who know how you feel and get positive support through your Christian faith."

BPD Central Randi Kreger, author, advocate, and owner of, established Welcome to Oz in 1996 to enable family members with a borderline or narcissistic loved one to support each other and share tips and techniques.

Out of the Fog Forum. Out of the FOG was launched on November 1 2007 to provide information and support to the family members and loved-ones of individuals who suffer from a personality disorder. FOG stands for Fear, Obligation and Guilt.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Forum on

Offline Support Groups

Healing Estranged Relationships: H.E.R., a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas which offers in person live discussion groups for women who are experiencing estrangement. There are plans to expand this group to other locations and also have a group for men.

National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI: The nation’s largest grassroots organization for people with mental illness and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has affiliates in every state and in more than 1,100 local communities across the country. Meetings are available in some cities.

Blogs of Authors & Organizations

The End of Strife: One woman's experience of high-conflict divorce and parental alienation: a blog about a bitter divorce and its effect on the relationships between a woman and her children. The blog has not been updated since June 2006.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation Website False memories have caused many cruel unjust estrangements.

Family Estrangement: When Grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren. The blogger is a mother and grandmother who has been writing about the loss of the relationship with her son and grandchildren since 2012.

A blog: Jan. 3, 2005: My Father didn't Call. A woman who has a father who it seems never failed to disappoint.

Former Things The blog of Gail Lowe, author of the novel, Former Things, a novel about a mother/daughter estrangement that spans twenty years. (The blog no longer exists. I am leaving it in the list in the event anyone who had visited in the past comes looking for the link. Apparently she stopped maintaining the blog and removed it.) Gail has experienced estrangement in her own family and writes from the heart. She is a staff reporter for the Wakefield Daily Item and Melrose Weekly News in Massachusetts where she writes a column called Reflections from the Lowe Zone. She is also the owner of WordPower, a boutique company offering public relations, marketing and promotional services to the travel and tourism industry. In 2003, she founded Red Rock Writers, a creative writing collaborative. She also teaches writing at colleges in the Greater Boston area.

Interesting thread on an art discussion board about a painting that an artist did of his father from whom he is estranged.

Mother, I Don't Forgive You, author Nancy Richards' blog. Nancy posts about abuse, estrangement, forgiveness, reconciliation, and related issues. Nancy is the author of Heal & Forgive: Forgiveness in the Face of Abuse and Heal and Forgive II: The Journey from Abuse and Estrangement to Reconciliation.

Motherless Homepage A website that offers support to those who have lost their mother. Has links to discussion groups including Motherless3, a Yahoo! group for those who have lost their mother through abandonment, estrangement or other issues. I have no information on these groups. If anyone has any experience with them that they would like to share with me and that I could include on this page, please send me an email.

Twinless Twins A website which offers support resources for twins who have lost their twin through separation, estrangement or death.